This music video was shot for West Bank Records and The Fine Arts Center in New Orleans by the Wolfpack Media Group

The video was produced and directed by Robin Blesch CEO of WPMG ENT and owner of WPFG studios and WPMG Music. The video was shot by Director of Photography Michael Morlan of Austin Film Tools on his RED ONE Camera.

This was an experimental production, where the Wolfpack Media Group provided a lighting and RED ONE Camera workshop for local crew, then included some workshop participants in the lighting and camera department under the key Wolfpack crew in a two day hands on workshop/music video shoot environment at the Fine Arts Center for the purpose of helping train and strengthen the local New Orleans film crew base.

Crew trained in the lighting, camera by Mr. Morlan
Crew trained in the production dept. by Ms. Blesch
Crew trained on RED computer workflow by Mr. Puglese.
Crew Trained on the P2 workflow under Ms. Blesch

The Music Video Took Two days to shoot. It's a 1940-50's/Mixed Modern stylized hip hop video with a rap portion.


Music Video Client: West Bank Records
Music Video and Workshop Client: The Fine Arts Center
The location was the Fine Arts Center.

Artist: Mini Stylz
Artist: Mr. Beez
Singer: Adonna Williams
Club Owner: Trizi
Extras: Listed below

Music Video Crew:

Producer/UPM: Robin Blesch (Austin, TX)- Responsible for the production of music video and workshop, including collecting and managing crew, gear, and paperwork. Also, in charge of training production.

Producer: John Moore(New Orleans, LA)- Responsible to client, managed location, created concept, found extras, and local workshop participants.

Director- Robin Blesch (Austin, TX): Responsible for shot list, schedule, communication to actors, on the spot scene choreography, principal and extra blocking/movements. Also responsible for communication to the crew; gave direction and made decisions on all set decoration, costume selection, and the function of the entire set.

Director- John Moore (New Orleans, LA): Responsible for the music video concept, relay of information from the client to Director Robin Blesch.

Workshop Instructor/ Director of Photography: Michael Morlan of Austin Film Tools (Austin, TX)- Responsible for teaching the lighting and RED Camera Workshop, and shooting the music video on his RED ONE Camera.

Workshop Instructor/ Music video Gaffer: Daniel Rector of Acme Film Gear (New Orleans, LA)- Responsible for helping teach lighting workshop, and for controlling the lighting team on the Music Video.

Workshop Instructor/ Best Boy: Iskra Valtcheva (Austin)- Responsible for helping teach the lighting workshop, and controlling the lighting team on the music video.

Additional Crew:
(In Training) Ass. Producer/1st AD (ATX)- Blake Weaver
(In Training) Second AD (ATX)- Nathan Bayless
1st AC Training on the RED- Mike Pugliese (ATX)
2nd AC Training on the RED- Cody Gautreau (NOLA)
2nd AC Training on the RED- Loui LeRoy (NOLA)

Continuity/Script Supervision- Carla Feldpausch (Austin)

Key Wardrobe Stylist: Dore' Cermak (New Orleans, LA)
Wardrobe Stylist: Kathrine Ravencraft (New Orleans, LA)

Set Dresser: Sonia Ostrovski (New Orleans, LA)

Play Back: Kristen Johnson (New Orleans, LA)

On set Editing: (Trained on RED and P2 Workflow)
Teaching RED Computer workflow- Mike Pugliese (ATX)
Teaching P2 Computer Workflow- Robin Blesch (ATX)

On-set editor in training- Alex Garcia (NOLA)
On-set editor in training- Carlos Pasos (NOLA)
On-set Editor in training- Eric Carle Jr. (NOLA)
BTS Videographer- Eric Carle Jr. (NOLA)

Robert Broussard (NOLA)
Brian Jumod (NOLA)
Partick Mizell (NOLA)

Matther Ramsaur (NOLA)
Kristen Johnson (NOLA)

Talent Coordinator: Vanessa Cloke (New Orleans, LA)

Daniel A Daigle
Jacob Biarghini
Shandrea Baker
Kakaia Richburg
Vanessa Cloke
Tonia Aikin
Theresa Perry
Nadiahliya Berenger
Kyron Hunder
Kim Vu
Julia Bourds
Joanna Doherty
Alexander Watters
Albert Bougidiny

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