See a few minutes of informal conversation that G. Stavropoulos and D. Gakis won the secret of success of Jose Ardon by G. Sahtouria. In less than four minutes the internationally recognized Greek leader gives a condensed version of all the information you need to know someone to achieve amazing results.

Who are they and why WOULD HEAR THEM?
After over 20 years of experience in Network Marketing (MLM), Mr. Sahtouria has found the simplest system and the most lucrative rewards program. Mr. John Sahtouria is in seventh place in the ranking of the largest international networks among leaders in 6500 businesses of the area and Mr. Jose Ardon in 8th place (see the list of top earners in businessforhome. Org).
The company Organo Gold although only 4 years presence in the international market, is already a global phenomenon with frenzied growth. Mr. D. Gakis Diamond is the first in Greece (within 6 months) and Mr. G. Stavropoulos a rapidly rising Emerald.

The secret? Simple ... all drink coffee all want better health, we all want more money!
Although the latter is an inexpensive incentive for serious people like me and you, is undoubtedly a very strong reason.

For information: nikos_ml@yahoo.com

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