The song is still unreleased. Lyrics are by myself:

Like the video if you're interested in hearing the whole song.
Music by Tony The Meastro
Picture by me, in San Diego

Slow down homie
You're running too fast
Slow it down baby
Gotta slow it down homie
A Young seed full of hopes, aspirations and dreams
Caught up with empty promises & the ugliest schemes
Not knowing the dirt he's about to witness
He wanted to live a life of a baller, so he stuck up with the wrong niggas.
fuck school, He got money on his mind, And his mind on dough
Product of a broken home.
Mother & father had no idea where he's been
Too busy fixing their own problems, still this ain't living.
So He's On a road to riches.
Brainwashed by a society where only getting the cash counts.
Strapped. he got his heat ready. Screamin out "M.O.B.
We bout to ride on these bitches, huh!"
Pedal on gaz in a game with no survivors [...]

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