AUDI RS5 - Evade

We modeled the Audi RS5 from scratch. I wanted the car to have super high detail no matter how close the camera came. The final model of the car had around 1.6 million polygons. Full detail in the headlights, taillights and the interior. Check out the breakdown video showing the greyscale render with the cement block crash simulation.

2012 Winner Silver Addy Award
2012 Winner Silver Telly Award

Director: Gevorg Karensky
VFX Supervisors: Gevorg Karensky, Maks Naporowski
Modeling: Denis Can, Dimitri Dillman
Animation: Riccardo Giuggiolli
Dynamics: Goran Pavles
Lighting: Dimitri Dillmann
Compositing: Rajiv Joseph, Gevorg Karensky
Color Grading: Gevorg Karensky

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