Mother & Son have another instalment from their self-titled album. This time they have collaborated with artist Alex Forrest to produce an animation clip to their twangy tropical surf tunes ‘Mosquito and Dengue Fever’.

Both surf rock instrumentals were inspired by Matman’s surfing trip to Columbia where he contracted Dengue Fever literally on the way home and had to record the album and continue to play shows back in Sydney with the fever.

Mosquito / Dengue Fever is an experimental, stop motion animated clip, with a heavy focus on synchronising sound and motion. The clip was filmed over ten days and contains over 4,500 individually shot frames. During production Alex Forrest used handmade paper and thread to create a narrative, which follows the journey of parasite in the form of a mosquito.

Alex describes the mosquito as representing the darker side of human nature and it's unending lust for resources and domination of the natural environment. Regardless of it's destructive nature, the audience finds themselves sympathising with the mosquito as we share a common interest in controlling our surroundings.


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