This is a horror shortmovie about a man. Lonely, desperate and sympathetic, the protagonist finds no escape out of his own mind. Imprisoned by his illusions and haunted by his past, he only has one solution to end this misery. But what is this all about? Why is he like that? And is everything really as it seems?

This is an independent movie from Germany. We had the idea to make a movie, that everyone in this world can understand. No matter where they are from and what language they speak. After all the hard and FUN work the crew put together, this is our final product.
Much thanks to our main and unbelievably talented actor Manuel Moser. He gave his best and achieved so much more!
But what would be a good movie without the creative artists behind the scenes? To transport the emotions the leading actor has with dramatic music, we found support by the incredibly gifted hands of our musicians from "Piano Punk" (Jasmin and Nani). Their passion gives the power to get so much more out of an idea.
And this of course is not all of what a great movie is about. With the detailed and vivid sounddesign of our REAL hero, Andreas Giese and his team from "Rot Fenster Musik", our movie finally became alive.
Also many thanks to one of the future shining stars in the music world, the band "Bedford Falls" and their track "Silhouettes". An outrageous achievement in music and an outstanding performance not only in germany but also in the rest of the world...soon ;-)

Because we think that entertainment should be free and that everyone should be able to edit, copy or download anything he or she wants for free, all our efforts are a present for YOU! You can do whatever you want with the music, video and effects as long as you don´t forget to mention us or this short movie.

Have fun! We wish you the best. And don´t forget to tell your friends about this ;-)

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