The Show:
A weekly 30min show where a charismatic and offbeat urban gardening expert takes on the challenge of creating green space in the most difficult homes and small outdoor areas.

The host walks clients through innovative and resourceful solutions that blend their gardening desires with the realities of their spaces. Each episode transforms one location, tracking down the perfect plants, relaying information to the client and viewer about selecting plants, simple care techniques, and design tips that can easily be applied. . From a living wall to divide a loft space to a fire escape vegetable garden, we could all use a little urban green.

The Host:
Jacob Roland is a quirky Brooklyn garden expert. Jake first got into gardening when he left home for college and was given a clipping of rooted ivy from a plant that had been passed down from his grandmother to his father. It thrived and a passion was born. Going to school in California the horticulture variety was endless. He experimented with growing all varieties of plants mastering hydroponics and other specialty growing techniques well suited to small spaces. When Jake moved to New York City he dove head first into gardening, enjoying the challenge a more northern climate and unique living spaces offered. He has worked at several garden centers around the city and is now store manager at Dig, a hip boutique garden shop in Brooklyn. He teaches workshops at Dig and has a talent for solving the unique problems that urbanites face with their plants.

The Team:
Plowshares Media is a production company that was incubated at the Emmy Award-winning Independent Production Fund, Award-winning producer Lorne Lieb has assembled an accomplished and creative team that blends experience with long-form documentary, reality and character-driven shows. The teams’ work include projects for PBS (Frontline: Muslims, Brief History of Disbelief), ABC (Nightline: One Muslim Voice), Fuel TV/Fox Networks (The Daily Habit, The Weekly Update) ESPN (ESPNU Half-Time Report) as well as independent documentary projects.

Future Episodes:
• Meet a cook who wants to grow fresh ingredients but has literally no light and see the beautiful mushroom logs that give him just what he was looking for.
• We meet one of the lucky few with a backyard in Manhattan and transform it from a forgotten pile of rotting planter boxes to a luxurious oasis for entertaining friends and clients. .
• A worried mother wants a welcoming dorm for her daughters. Jake outfits the room with hardy, dorm friendly green and even creates a one of a kind school color-inspired terrarium as a special gift from mom.
• No dirt? No problem. Follow Jake as he delivers a fully hydroponic vegetable and herb garden to a foodie.
• Meet two 20-somethings sharing a studio apartment in Manhattan who want a bit more privacy and see how a living wall can divide a space without making it feel smaller.
• Follow a hipster who wants a fully carnivorous garden.
• What to do with a one-foot wide strip of dirt between brownstones? Watch as Jake turns this dirt strip into a lush paradise.
• Roof tops are a great place to hang out in the city. A shared, functional and beautiful roof top escape with hearty plants to withstand the elements transforms an apartment building.
• A loft full of women who want nothing but color and flowers all the time! See all the fun plants Jake finds for them to transform their space into a technicolor dream.

For more information, contact:
Plowshares Media
Producer: Lorne Lieb
Lorne @

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