During the summer we were searching for spots to film outside of Tallinn. We decided to head to Pärnu to have a look and of course go for a swim into the sea. I asked Eki if he knew somebody who was willing to show us around the local street spots and he contacted Rasmus Paimre (owner of OnWheels BMX shop). He was willing to show us some spots. It was quite a hot day as I recall it. Unfortunately street riding spots in Pärnu were not what we have expected and ended up only getting one clip with Johannes. At the end of the day we were so tired from the heat and moving around the city that we didn’t even go for a swim.

However, despite the not that good of a day for filming, Rasmus approached Taavi and me with a proposition to make a “How to Barspin” video. We agreed on it and when we returned back to Tallinn we went on about to getting it done.

Filmed the main clips in the park, street and dirt as well. Everything went smoothly, however fall has struck us a bit hard. Rain, bad weather, wind, cold and heck even snow. Also during some days we filmed street stuff, because we wanted to get those last clips for the videos and on other days just were occupied with other things, for example like work.

Despite all the things that kept us from finishing this “How to” video, we managed to wait out the weather and find the moment to get down to business and finish it off.

We all know there have been a lot of “How to Barspin” videos around and they keep still coming onto the web. We decided to make it a bit more than your regular “How to” videos, which are bland, quick and dirty so to speak. We have made it more in depth and hopefully easy to understand what are the do’s and don’ts so to speak when learning barspins. With the creative control in Dmitri Shushuyev’s disposal, we ended up creating a visually interesting, entertaining and hopefully helpful “How to Barspin” video.

Remember to practice, because without it nothing will happen and also by trying it again until you get it done, gives you a sense of achievement that will further help you to learn other tricks in the future. Perseverance and giving it another go are one of the essentials in progression.

Call out your friends and learn along side them, this will make it more enjoyable and you will have good times no matter what you do when you have good friends by your side.

We do hope that this video will help you with learning barspins and how to master them.

- OnWheels

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