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The 'Shrine of the Hunters' is an archaeological reconstruction of a level 5 house from Çatalhöyük. It was originally excavated in the 1960's by James Mellaart and aside from a few informational illustrations, has had surprisingly little coverage. One of the most decorated houses ever found at the site, this piece began as the focus of a MSc Dissertation by Grant Cox during the Virtual Pasts course at the University of Southampton and has since evolved into an animation.


Animation, Modelling, Lighting, Texturing and Compositing by Grant Cox.

This work was supported by the Archaeological Computing Research Group (ACRG), University of Southampton.

Thanks to:

Ian Hodder (Catalhoyuk Research Project, Stanford University)
Stephanie Moser (Catalhoyuk Visualisation Project, University of Southampton)
Graeme Earl (ACRG, University of Southampton)

Thanks also goes to the many Catalhoyuk project members who assisted with this project.

A special commendation goes out to Duygu Camurcuoglu ( for her assistance with information regarding wall painting application techniques.

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