This is my test for a TV Movie Fluids Tornado.

Please download the Scene File from URL Below:

Container Auto Resize is OFF and this one is 250 rez. due to all the particles volume axis fields involved at this rez this beast uses almost 8gb ram, driven and emitted from and by particles emitting particles. I also have separate particles for more rotation as this was the difficult part to do.

This is a complete tornado rig with top layer, tornado body, ground pickup, surrounding dust, and instancer particles available for further detailing, this is the body and the ground pickup turned on....

I wanted to make an option to slow down and but keep the overall feel and shape, but I could only achieve this by caching with more steps or caching much longer frames then needed so can be slowed down for more epic look.

If requested enough I plan to make a detailed tutorial.

Tornado Rig Particle System video link

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