01:04 Every year at this time a handful of hardcores head to Antarctica to battle their way through high winds and sub-zero temperatures for a chance to stand on the South Pole. We list a few of the more notable expeditions to keep an eye on.
03:06 Freak winds, equipment failure and rogue fishing trawlers have laid waste to the Vendee Globe round-the-world fleet. We speak to one of the latest casualties, Louis Burton, who also happens to be the youngest skipper in this year's race.
05:05 Freeskier Cody Townsend is famous for fast lines, huge cliff drops and his all-time 'tache. Since it's Movember and everything, we decided that's a good enough excuse to give him a call. For the full interview, go to daily.epictv.com/ and search for 'Cody'.
07:28 Vertical Blue is one of the world's largest freediving competitions with 56 athletes from 21 countries competing to be the deepest man or woman in the world. World record holder William Trubridge is hoping to break a few records of his own. To find out what holding your great for four minutes and swimming to 100 meters is all about, go to daily.epictv.com/ and search for 'freedive'.
09:33 The Boardman Tasker Prize is kind of like the Pulitzer Prize for climbing literature. The 2012 prize has just been presented to Andy Kirkpatrick for his book Cold War. We skyped him up to find out what happens in the end.
12:53 Oh yeah, did we mention that we're giving away a shiny new pair of Whitedot Director skis. Get involved!

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