Pluie/Noir Recordings 001
"Un Livret de Duminica"

Sound by Petre Inspirescu.
Video by Max Binski.

"Lisbon-based collective Pluie/Noir has been mixing the worlds of music and graphic art through a bi-monthly podcast series of music and artwork interpretations in triptychs, featuring artists from all over the world. Their debut as a vinyl-only imprint came as the most logic step on the map.
Signed by Romanian tour-de-force Petre Inspirescu, this EP delivers two quite distinct yet immersive moments of intricate delicacy and incredible production forte.
A-side “Un Livret de Duminica” strikes somehow familiar to his musical adventures as π Ensemble (out on his own imprint Yojik-Concon), and re-imagines it in a different yet dreamy setting where classic music once again bends with the finest micro-house grooves. The flip-side “Synth Society” draws the listener away from the skyline and lands him inside a giant modular system. Here the hooks are on the addicting bassline and the unsettling sense of room space and frequency-depth of analog sounds, proving that Petre is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and provocative music writters/producers around.
Artwork was drawn by fine-arts student and music producer Traian Chereches (TC Studio), member of the P/N Artist Collective.
Definitely a great start for the portuguese imprint, and a mere glimpse of what's coming next."


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