TextbookVideos.com Consumer Behavior Video Study Guide

The Microeconomics Video Study Guide - Consumer Behavior is an enhanced ebook that contains notes, quizzes, photo galleries and a comprehensive video library of key economics concepts that students can use to study and prepare for classes, tests and exams. An even larger library of introductory economics videos can be found at textbookvideos.com.

The Real World Economics video series includes more than 190 professionally produced videos designed to help microeconomics and macroeconomics students of all ages learn. These short videos describe key economics concepts that many students find difficult to learn.

The Microeconomics Video Study Guide is divided into consumer behavior, producer behavior, market structure and math basics sections. The learning material uses real world situations to illustrate many of the key economics concepts.

The videos range in length from a few seconds to 6 minutes and combine animation, b-roll and graphics to help teach key economics concepts in minutes. There are 48 videos in this Market Structure Video Study Guide.

Designed to help students learn efficiently, the Study Guide is short and the videos were formatted to play on computers and mobile devices so that students can learn, wherever their device takes them.

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