This is a series about language.

You´re seeing the pilot episode that I shot about a year ago. The idea behind this series is to listen to a foreign language and appreciate a different way of communication, even try to understand what the person is saying, without the help of subtitles.
It´s about listening to the different styles of language and realising how much potential lies within our voice and our different ways of communication.

Seeing as this is a pilot episode, there are a lot of things to improve. The sound, for one thing, and of course more interesting videography. Maybe film additional footage that visualizes what the person is talking about and make the "understanding withouth understanding"-part of this experiment a little easier.

With special thanks to Mimi, who was the first interviewee for this series, and I hope to produce some more in the future.

This video is about a year old, I just now came around to upload it, as I try to develop this idea further.

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