Yo here I go, should I count up to four?
Ok, just ignore, first step on the floor
come through the door
it has been a while
maybe not the same smile
No strain, can't complain, not a pain
I got the good life, no strife, real nice
looking for a wife? kids? who knows, give time to time
I want what's mine, the world outside

But that's not for me, that's for you who just arrived here
you can always be the best, come on, be my guest
I'll never say it's the last, braise your chest
you gotta be fast, I'd suggest
Swallow your pride, don't let your lip react,

Then through the shadows, in the saddle, ready for battle
you gotta fight, it's you own right, tonight
tomorrow in the bright, like a mosquito bite
be there, everywhere, in the air, who wants to be millionaire?
I'm not talking about money
I'm talking about your dream
Did you come for sightseeing?

Look around, above the clouds
the breeding ground
just need to seed, no not weed!
you take the lead, yeah, indeed
you'll succeed, don't mislead
you need, please read, no greed
oh, that's really weird

Sometimes I sit in my room, stuff on my mind
Stress, can't rest, so I open the blinds
See kids in the street, runnin' around
God, I'm blessed

so don't forget
how far did you get
it's not time to regret or fret
maybe you're still going to sweat
and that's all you've bet

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