This is one of the early tests of bulletSOP for H12. Source code has completely rewritten and its a lot of faster in every part!

Box size is(1,1,1)
"Box levels" are not straight - copy(0.1, 1.1, 0.1)
Every box is send to bullet separately, Boxes are NOT an instances!!!

62 500x dynamic objs. + 1x static obj.
30fps(video is 24fps)
real. gravity

1st frame(copy objs to bullet): 500ms
2nd frame(sim): 800ms
200th frame: 9sec
cache: 780MB
no GPU, no multi-threading!!!

PC: Core i7-3820, 16GB RAM, win64
Render with non-Commercial H12(low resolution + logo)

more info:

The latest beta:

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