1994-1996. with composer Jonathan Bepler. The piece involved a number of objects, and musical instruments which are sounded by a variety of devices such as hairdryers, d.c. motors, and are switched on and off via a computer using the MIDI language, through relay switches. Other sculptural forms are switched on and off via motion detectors and timer switches.
In each place performances occurred with musicians and performers.

Installed at New York Hall of Science, Queens New York;
South Florida Arts Center, Miami Beach; Threadwaxing Space, Broadway, New York; MassMoca, N Adams,; NoBias Gallery, Bennington, VT.

Video includes extracts from No BIAS Gallery, North Bennington, VT, New York Hall of Science, Queens New York. Spring Works Festival-Art and Science Collaborations,South Florida Arts Center, Miami Beach, and Sub Tropics Music Festival with performance by Subtropics director and composer Gustavo Matamoros.

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