Vagabond skateboards and converse present hobo daze 2012,a weekend of skateboarding,surf,hiking and camping in the great outdoors of dongchong beach, annual gathering of friends and family from around the world.hobo daze lets us forget about work and life stress and remember life's simple pleasures.

continue to follow our journey at and and please join us at next year's event.

vagabond滑板和匡威为大家带来2012年“流浪日”活动,一个在户外渡过 的周末,滑板、冲浪、远足和露营。每年聚集了来自世界各地的朋友,“流 浪日”让我们忘记了工作和生活的压力,并记住生活的简单乐趣。

继续关注 and hobodaze.com和在明年的 活动,期待你加入我们的行列。

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