My second lot of tests with the C100 this time as well we had the FS700 to hand so shot a few tests side by side to see how they compare. I know the C100 is more comparable to the FS100 in some ways but its price point here in the UK at the mo sits in between the FS100 & FS700.

1st test was the Noise test Still life light by a Single Dedolight DLH4 being bounced which the intensity was lowered to get the correct exposure as we ramped the ISO
Both Cameras lowest rate ISO then pushed the ISO's to see what happened both cameras white Balanced to the same WBCard and reading were very different temperature on the C100 to FS700 which is interesting (Will look more into this found on all the test that the C100 read warmer than I would have said it was from eye and the Sony seemed spot on.

Also felt the C100 had more of a green shift to it but will do more tests on this at a later date.

Noise Result felt the C100 seemed to handle it better, FS700 seems to lose colour info when pushing the ISO I have also found this on the FS100 in the past.

Moire Test Rolling shutter.
I found it hard to get any moire on the FS700 in this one but managed to get more on the C100 which you can see in the Blinds.

Skin Tone
Just a quick look at the profiles that the camera ships with and a quick grade. On my to do list is start to make some profiles and play with the gamma curves.

After my 1st stumbling Block with my 1st C100 test : with how FCPX handled the clips make sure after the import you set the Field Dominace Overide to Progressive ( this isn't an issue with FS700 footage when Importing the same way this explains what I had to do :

Hope these test help some of you out if your thinking of getting a C100 Im pleased with how it looks like its stacking up especial with using the Ninja as well.

If you have any questions I will try and answer then on my finding so far with the C100.

I was informed the actual base Rate ISO of the C100 is 850 in the manuel it does state that 850 is the required for a suitable DR for the C-Log gamma.

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