This is a short, basic edit of some footage I took over a year ago during a 3 day trip to Yellowstone National Park. I was the first real trip with my Sony PMW-EX1r and I was experimenting with a lot of different things, hence the various color changes and the many slow-motion shots. I used a warming filter on some shots, but not on others which is very obvious and distracting. (I've not been in the mood to go back and attempt some color correction.)

For those interested in technical stuff, it was shot with the EX1r at 720p (24p) along with the Sony 0.8x wide angle lens (VCL-EX0877) and the Century 1.6x tele-converter (0HD-16TC-EX1). I was really disappointed with the Century lens. It is obvious in the shots of wolves that the right side is seriously blurred. To their credit, I shipped the lens off to the factory and had it back completely repaired within a couple of weeks. It has worked flawlessly since. I used Avid Studio 1 which does not use native XDCAM files well, hence the framing around the actual footage. (One of these days perhaps I'll go back and re-edit the footage in Premiere Pro to see what i can make out of it.)

As to Yellowstone itself, well, I can't even begin to put into words what this place is like. Going in late September, when the park has relatively few visitors, was a perfect time to visit. The cool weather was great and the wildlife was still active and easier to see because of the smaller crowds. Still, it was amazing to see how many people would gather at spots where wolves or grizzlies were visible. (I kept missing the grizzlies, but seeing the wolves was incredible.)

Basically, this video was made just for me and my friends without any attempt to make it very nice, but I thought it might be fun to share. I'd love to hear any comments you might have.

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