First things first, this is NOT a comparison- If it were, it would be absolutely abysmal. I'm just trying to give you an *approximate* idea of what each camera looks like under similar shooting conditions. To do this, I always shot each camera at the same ISO, which performs pretty close for the most part (for 800iso and below). Then I used the same Canon 24-105 lens (always @ f4) on both cameras as well as a Heliopan ND for just the outdoor part with the horses. I also tried to shoot flat as possible on both cameras to give me an idea of their latitude and for more room to make adjustments in post.

Overall, the 1DX is friggin amazing. I have other footage that wouldn't really fit with this video since I wanted to get similar shots with the GH2 for all clips shown... I'll agree that this isn't the most stunning 1DX footage (I shot everything here quickly this afternoon) but even though this footage may not do the 1DX justice, it is a fine DSLR.

I'm still very pleased with my GH2 though, and wouldn't think twice about putting it up against any DSLR or Interchangeable Lens Camera of ANY kind including the GH3. It has some major ISO issues that are really starting to show their age when most every other camera no longer has this problem. But @ 800 ISO and under... I'm shocked, because in my opinion it still gives off the best combination of a sharp but smooth aliasing-free image.

That said, I'm glad that a camera like the BMC is finally coming out, as it will ultimately be the beast that replaces my GH2... and I don't think I could really say that about any other potential camera under 10k.

GH2 Settings:
Smooth (-2-2-2-2) Sanity V5
1DX Settings:
All-I 90mb/s Neutral 0 Sharpness, -4 Contrast, -2 Saturation

The grade was a very minor curves adjustment on a few clips and then I used FIlmConvert in a mostly subtle way, with the Kodak Vision 3 5207 Stock and grain turned down to 20%

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