This is the first part of Sydney Skies Series.

The music featured here is by William Orbit from his Hello Waveforms album; the song is entitled, Sea Green.

This video shows many time lapse perspectives of University of Sydney's Quadrangle and the surrounding area. At this present time, there is much left open for interpretation.

University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia, being founded in 1850, and is commonly ranked within the top 40 universities worldwide. The Sydney Uni campus is exquisite, with very well crafted limestone architecture and lush vegetation filling its every crevice. The school's motto is "Sidere mens eadem mutato", which traslates from latin as "The stars change, but the mind remains the same", and this year enrollment was 46,054 students, of which 15,349 were at the postgraduate level.

Note: Since Sydney is in the Southern Hemisphere, you will notice that the sun rises and sets along opposite angles by which it does in the North. In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun sets on a rightward angle (left to right, or South to North) and in the Southern it sets on a leftward angle (right to left or North to South). If you were between the two hemispheres, on the equator, during one of the two equinoxes, then the sun will rise strait up and set directly down (on a 90 degree angle), in the East and West respectfully. To understand this concept better you can search for information about the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the imaginary line by which the sun travels.

Note: To discover more about William Orbit's music, you can visit

Note: University of Sydney website is

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