A big day for Matilda...
Directors : Rémi Allier & Sylvain Dufayard

Image : Quentin Devillers, Sylvain Dufayard & Kinan Massarani
With Help from : Robin Montrau & Valentine Morel

Editing : Nico Bier & Tibo Charbonnier

Matilda : Alice Haugness

The other kids :
Lauranne Thierie
Cloé, Rémi et Sacha Gobeert
Maelle Vandericken

Thanks to :
Fred Haugness et Fanny Roy
Benedicte Thierie
Danny Picot
Marcel Vandericken

Agathe Hervieu
Teresa Gentile
Michael Bier
Jacqueline Pluche
Kadija Leclerc

Concours Genero

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