An alternative history where a country's resources are used to save lives rather than take them.

We are aware B-2's can not carpet bomb pallets of red cross aid, as well as the other mechanical misuses of machinery designed to kill. This is not meant to be a technical blueprint. It's an artistic statement about war vs. care of one's own people.

Shot in Abbey Road Studios, London and The Superdome, New Orleans.

Chris Milk - Writer/Director

Performed by U2 & Green Day
Original song "The Saints" by The Skids
Record Label - Island Records
Kathy Angstadt - Commissioner
Steve Matthews & Paul McGuiness - Management

Produced by Radical Media
Barbara Benson - Producer
Brannon Walters - Production Supervisor
Livio Sanchez - Editor
Chris Milk - DP B+W
Danny Hiele - DP Color
Pierre Colonna - Operator
Jason McCormick - 1st AC
Patrick McGraw - 1st AC
Don Pressley - 1st AC
Steve McDougal - Loader
Susan Hebert - Asst. Prod. Supv.
Cedric Mazzara - Travel Coordinator
Clint Caluory - PA
Zs Grant - PA
Irma Rodriguez - PA
Donny Boihem - PA
Elton LeBlanc - PA
Scott Morrison - PA
Samantha McKinney - PA
"Little" Buddy Medina - PA

Visual Effect by Sway
Matt Winkel & Daughn Ward - Producers
Mark Glazer - VFX Supervisor
Ben Looram - VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist
Wayne England - CG Supervisor
Graham Fyffe - Digital Artist
Maciek Sokalski - Compositor
Rob Meyers - CG Artist
Ryan Gibson - Compositor
Chris Bankoff - Compositor
Rob Glazer - CG Artist
Richard Wardlow - CG Artist
Feli di Giorigio - Compositor

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