A clip for a video game concept called "Black Friday."
Completed using the DePaul motion capture studio, 21 students worked for the final 5 weeks of class to produce a moch video game trailer.
This is the first shot to be rendered, with the rest being completed sometime early 2013.
Zombie anchorman performance by: JohnHenry Clark.
Mocap Clean up by: Joshua Campbell.
Motion Graphics by: Sean Frangella & Jacob Thomas
Character Model & Texturing by: David Finseth & Troy Gould
Character rig by: Ren Wilkey (facial set-up) & Elizabeth Young
Sound research by: Lauren Gingras
Concept, Editing, Animation including hands, face, paper & polish by: Ken George
Production Team (Includes Technical Artists, Props, Set up & calibration):
Matthew Baran, Christopher Wilson, Robert Wagner, Nathan Selof, Frank "Charlie" Merrill, Daniel Martinez, Brian Harris, Graham Gilreath & Matthew Eriks.

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