An odd little boy, bullied by peers, harbors a dark secret.

This little video was inspired by a recent article I had read about a London paper inviting articles to answer the question, What is wrong with this world? The indomitable and very quotable G.K. Chesterton submitted the pithy, I am, which cuts to the heart of all our social ills. Some have commented, that bullies are the victims, for their crime is reflective, cutting themselves in the act of cutting others.

Tools: Canon 60D handheld | 180 degree shutter settings | Cinestyle profile modified | Canon 18-200mm 5.6 IS | Hoodeye 3x Loup | Sony ICD-SX712 Field Recorder | Sony Vegas Pro 10 in post | pizza for crew

With that in mind, we set out to construct a little 'fairy tale' about an odd bullied little boy and his sole companion and protector -- with a twist ending. The editing, however, created something new --a distillation of colour and emotion led by a powerful and moody Moby track, "Wait for Me". I suppose our beloved Andrej Tarkovsky would have approved, for some of the "staged" intent was removed to allow for something fresh and unexpected.

With only a weekend to shoot and edit, here is our little story, Blackie.

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