Note: main presentation starts at about 00:09:30 after the announcements.

Many thanks to Greg Raiz and Criaig Spitzkoff from Raizlabs ( for this outstanding presentation.
Thank you to Boston PHP member Ernie Gillis for the shooting and editing of this video

Here is the description of the event:
If you're a web developer hoping to expand your skills to develop native mobile applications, this presentation is for you. We'll talk through our experience in going from doing PHP development to iOS and then back to web again. Join Boston PHP and Greg Raiz and Craig Spitzkoff from Raizlabs ( as we discuss how to expand your software skills in order to create native applications for iOS and Android devices. We will discuss the skills and thought processes required to extend your development to new devices and how web-developers can take advantage of the push to mobile. Topics will include:
- Getting started, tools and techniques - Hating and loving Apple (the good bad and ugly) - Shipping software and how it's done - Pros and Cons of cross platform frameworks - Working with web-services - Hybrid apps and web-components Raizlabs has developed close to a hundred applications for both national and local companies. The team is based in Boston and focused on creating great mobile experiences.

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