This is a test for a Digital Holga Lens. Footage was shot with neutral camera profile, and is not graded.

Due to the lens fixed aperture of f.8, and the fact that I shot the test 45 minutes before Sunset, I had to use the highest ISO available (6400), hence the noisy footage. I found out the lens tricks the camera's TTL exposure, so I had to try different shutter speeds.

Focusing was a bit tricky since I was using a high ISO and a slow shutter speed. The lens focus is soft and once I dialed "Landscape", everything farther than 30 ft was pretty much in focus. I noticed that the minimum focal distance is about 3-4 feet.
All in all I like the idea of shooting videos with this lens, providing there is a lot of light available. It adds a special lo-fi vintage quality difficult to achieve in post-production.

This test is not one bit scientific or intended to be a review, just to share my findings to anyone interested in this cool little toy lens.

You can download the original file to better view the footage without the additional compression.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Digital Holga Lens (60mm, f.8)
Frame Rate: 24fps
Shutter Speed: 1/30
Aperture: Fixed f.8
ISO: 6400
Camera Picture Profile: Neutral

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