RainCheck is a 21st century adaptation of a barometer. It uses live data from an online weather forecast and translates it into a tactile experience for the user. Originally inspired by Amar checking the weather by putting his hand out the window, RainCheck provides a similarly tactile but more accurate way of forecasting the weather. On opening, the device recreates the level of rain expected that day - light, medium or heavy - using artificially created raindrops. This Interaction could take place in the hall before the user leaves the house, allowing them to make an informed decision on choice of clothing or activity.

More can be found at productdesign.dundee.ac.uk/~jrice/wordpress/category/21st-century-barometer/

Special thanks to,

To all the technicians within the University workshop especially Lyle McCance.

To Amar Latif who provided us with the inspiration to create RainCheck.

To Mhairi Shaw-Hawkins for allowing us into her home and appearing within our video.

And Adrian Whyte for allowing his music to become the soundtrack to our concept.

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