In this short video, Dr Mike McCann describes some of the ways that managers and HR professionals can deal with alcohol and drug abuse.

Dr. McCann is the author of an authoritative book on addiction in the workplace: ‘Alcohol, Drugs & Employment’ (link to the book's UK supplier here:

Dr. McCann describes his new book thus: "I believe it is a unique reference book for HR professionals, managers, employment lawyers and occupational health professionals. The book describes policies for identifying, controlling and treating substance abuse at work. Every company should do a risk assessment of the potential damage that alcohol and drug abuse can cause. It is based on case studies in South Africa and Canada and it is being sold in UK."

Dr McCann is an Occupational Health Physician based in London, he advises the Metropolitan Police and is a director of Castle Craig rehab clinic, Scotland. Dr. McCann trained in medicine in Dublin and spent many years working in South Africa where he advised large companies about health and addiction issues.

For more information on addiction in the workplace, please visit:, an online guide published by Castle Craig Hospital, one of the UK’s leading alcohol and drug addiction rehab clinics:

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