As of 5/15, we successfully met our Kickstarter fundraising goal to finish the first season of The Bad! Our enormous thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible! The remaining six episodes will be available to view this coming September.

The Bad is a serialized, comedic web series currently in production and set to premiere in 2013. The series follows the trials and tribulations of the world's most oblivious garage rock band (The Bad), a trio of hapless dudes in their early 30's, and the usual hurdles a band faces, such as dealing with their knife-wielding junkie drummer and the cruel teenagers from down the block who won't stop painting dicks on their bassist's house.

The music video for the Warrior, the fictional band's first single, plays a large part in the first episode, and is supposed to be "directed" and filmed by the main characters of the series.

You can view the first trailer for the series here:

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