Casting a shootinghead

Exploring the notion that for the best way to cast such a line, the loop should be as tight as possible, the haul should start before the rod butt passes perpendicular, and the release should be early.

First cast goes about 80 feet and lands in a big heap
second cast goes a bit further and straighter
Last cast is how I normally cast a shootinghead, same way as with any other line, going for late haul (after the rod butt passes perpendicular) a stable loop with only a bit of the head in the initial loop, so a good amount of overhang, and a early release close to or just before RSP if possible) Cast went about 100 feet and almost straight.

Gear used was a ECHO insructor 590 and a 10 meter floating shootinghead on monofilament nylon shootingline.

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