In the not too distant future, Earth is occupied by a hostile alien race that's aggressively searching for a missing alien artifact -- a sphere that contains an infinite source of powerful energy. When a resistance fighter gains possession of the sphere, he races to unlock the energy it contains in order to eradicate the alien forces and return Earth to humankind.

Budget approx: $13k

Production on The Sphere started nearly two years ago. Utilizing Canon DSLRs, a MacBook Pro, and a dedicated team of professional filmmakers, we set out to create a large scale sci-fi action adventure short film on a modest budget knowing that significant breakthroughs in camera technology along with the availability of professional visual effects software could give life to an epic idea.

After principal photography and Nicholas's original designs for the alien ships were complete, several artists from around the world were commissioned to help with the visual effects, though roughly 85% of the film's VFX were created by Nicholas Militello using a laptop and an array of servers. Post-production proved to be a lengthy but rewarding process as editing, sound design, visual effects, color correction and an original score were brought together for the final film. With post-production now complete, we are thrilled to premiere The Sphere.

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