H2O Overdrive, facebook.com/H2OOverdrive.Plus, was extremely pleased with the 2012 Over The Hump Mountain Bike Race Series. Event organizer Matt Wenger had this to say:

"Bees and Rainbows. Lots of stories to tell, and Over the Hump is just a mountain bike race, right?

A mountain bike race, but so much more. OTH has become the paramount story telling venue of The Mountain Bike Capital of the World, Orange County, CA. The place where you can ride all year long, and then some. Now Over the Hump has become the gathering "watering hole" of racers, young, old, fast, fun, and all those in between.

We knew the August 28th Finale would be a memorable night, but to see the 1500+ crowd cram into our vendor loaded exhibit area was one of THOSE moments as race promoters; we looked with wide eyes at what you, the racers, friends, and families have made Over the Hump for past four summers. From two races and 300 racers in 2009, to this year's 550 person opening race, we've seen it all! Over the Humpers are a whole new breed of class act people.

Glorious doesn't begin to describe the setting at the close of the last race our 12 race series, presented by H2O Overdrive.

When it comes to individual racers, and series performance, we sent racers home with over $35,000 in sponsor merchandise. H2O Overdrive , our presenting sponsor was in the house, not just hydrating athletes but kicking off the awards ceremony with loads of cool swag. 1st place winners went home with $150 in gift cards from our featured shops, SPY sunglasses, custom RokForm iPhone cases, and a pair of FOX Head Shoes. Second place went home with pumps and swag from Giant , TREK, Specialized, Crankbrothers, and switchback magazine annual subscriptions, plus $100 in gift cards. Third place cleaned house with a Cannondale wind breaker awarded to the top 3 racers in each class, and loads of other goodies from our sponsors, like PowerBar , plus $75 in gift cards from featured shops.

Congratulations to all the winners...."

We're excited for the upcoming Over The Hump 2013 Mountain Bike Race Series!

H2O Overdrive™ and H2O Overdrive HYDRATE™ is all about the science of hydration on the inner cellular level. It's also about maximized energy, stamina, muscle performance and recovery. It's so much more than just a "sports drink" or water with vitamins.

Whether it's SUP, BMX, AMA motocross, MMA, snowboarding, skiing, mountain bike racing or any other high energy sport, H2O Overdrive is perfect for athletes that want to be more perfect at what they do.


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