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Last Flowers
written & directed by CJ Wallis

2009 Leo Award Nominations
Best Lead Performance in a Short Drama, Joseph May
Best Screenwriting in a Short Drama, CJ Wallis

Official Selection: Cinema Corto in Bra International Film Festival (Italy)
Official Selection: Indie Memphis Film Festival



Writing obituaries for a local newspaper to keep the wolf from the door, coupled with the complete avoidance of his own mother’s death – universally rejected novelist Harvey Harris (Joseph May) is feeling more distanced than ever from the world and those who surround him.

An attempt to ease his guilt leads Harvey to sneaking into the very funerals he writes about, where a chance meeting of a strong-willed woman named Mona Miller (Sarah Slean) will force Harvey to confront his greatest fears about loss and rejection and how to find a way to connect through the most severe forms of disconnection



Written & Directed by: CJ Wallis
Produced by: Elli Weisbaum
DP: Robert Walsh
Original Score: Kevin James Maher

Starring: Joseph May, Sarah Slean, Troy De Lottinville & Rikki Gagne

Featuring Music By: Elliott Smith, Sigur Ros & The Vince Guaraldi Trio


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