Mark Gambil is an ADD Investigator for hire with a taste for danger and spearmint chewing gum. As he hunts for a local drug dealer, Gambil has to deal with the Sheriffs Department Intern unit and a crazy girl with a dodgy British accent.

Mark Gambil - Jacob Swing
Lara - Grace Earley
Mrs. Harper - Melissa Ward
Jake - Joey Cathey
Tom - Alec Rodriguez
Muscles - Matt Moore
Sheriff - Errol Suleyman
Miles - Conor Webb
Moss - Chandler Perry
Bodyguard - John Jennings
Kristina - Tiffany Fransisco
Alice - Vera Yatsula
Jeff - Makena Bradford
Intern #1 - Catie Deneen
Intern #2 - Haley McTyre
Intern #3 - Matt Posey
Subway Man - Mark Gordolla

Written and Directed by
Chandler Perry

Production Assistants
John Jennings
Daniel Nyberg

Script Editors
Joey Cathey
Jake Swing
Caleb Riddle

Edited by
Chandler Perry

Music by
Erik Rodriguez
Chromatic Dream

Cinematography and Audio by
Chandler Perry
John Jennings

Casting Director
Jacob Swing

Matt Posey

Fight Choreography by
Matt Moore
Daniel Nyberg
Alec Rodriguez
John Jennings
Chandler Perry

Promotional Graphics
Vera Yatsula
Melissa Ward

Special Thanks To
Mark Gordolla
Paul Donion
Lisa Rodriguez
Caleb Riddle
Alan Perry
Greg Sherwood
Charles Jennings
Steve Jennings

Cannon T3i
18mm - 55mm
18mm - 135mm
Zoom H4N Audio Recorder
Cam Caddie Scorpion
8ft Crane

Sony Vegas Pro 11
Magic Bullet Studio

If anything looked illegal, it was done with a green screen. Promise.

BONUS How the car got dinged up:

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