Piksel presents: Arduino workshop for young people in collaboration with Trafo.
Held in Bergen, Norway on November 2012.

This workshop consisted of an introduction to Arduino programming through the creation of a simple embroidered synthesizer. The participants engaged in the process of prototyping and building DIY electronics on textile using various components – such as LEDs, resistors, sensors, buttons and buzzers, and conductive materials such as conductive thread and conductive fabric. Through the construction of an embroidered synthesizer the participants got familiar with the concept of electronic textiles and soft-circuits and their use in fashion, art and performance, while experimenting with 8-bit sound.

Venue: Public Library
Instructor: Afroditi Psarra
Participants: Trude, Ask, Even, Torstein, Andreas, Silje, Aurora

More info: trafo.no/prosjekter/95/

Thanx to Maria Varela from frowntails.com for the video footage (:

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