Migrate is an amazing module for populating your Drupal site with data from an array of external sources in a structured, controlled, repeatable and testable way.

In this talk I will introduce the migrate module assuming no prior familiarity. I will demonstrate how to implement your own module building on the capabilities of Migrate by extending the classes it provides to cater to your specific requirements. We will look at how to audit and control the migration via the front end and via drush.

Importantly we will also touch on what *not* to migrate via the Migrate module!

Time permitting we will also look to more complicated elements of migration, such as strategies for managing referential integrity between multiple pieces of migrated content, such as circular node references, and what to do if there is no existing support for the corresponding data type in your destination system.

WARNING - this talk will involve code examples including basic uses of some object oriented principles.

Slides: prezi.com/d_dfvikmgo8h/get-your-bits-in

About DrupalCamp North West [camp2012.nwdrupal.org.uk] an event of The North West Drupal User Group [camp2012.nwdrupal.org.uk/nwdug]

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