The second in my GoPro film series. Not much production value here (or in any of them, for that matter), but it's a fun little cut-together of a random senior fall paintballing impulse adventure that we went on last year.

The video almost makes it look like we had an idea what we were doing out there, which I can guarantee you was not the case. For not having played since 7th grade, I think I did alright, though, and even managed to bunker a person or two!

Biggest surprise: it still hurts like a bitch when you get hit. I thought that I'd be tougher after 9 years, but I guess not hahaha

Thanks to Scotty for organizing! And to Kathryn and Keira for being brave enough to come with. — with Kathryn Nary, Scotty Danger Williams, Keira Ginsberg and Kyle Crown at Thornton Paintball

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