The Water Pipe Whip (WPW) is a new and exciting way to connect your Magic-Flight Launch Box to your favorite water pipe. Using your Launch Box with water filtration will cool the vapor and allow for smoother, larger draws. We are very pleased with the evolution of this design as it allows for more flexibility and freedom in getting copious amounts of tasty vapor with your Launch Box.

The Water Pipe Whip comes in three wood styles: Maple, Cherry and Walnut. The components are hand crafted and fit together snugly without the use of any adhesives. This makes it possible to disassemble the WPW for cleaning when necessary.

The Water Pipe Whip connects to a 14mm glass downstem through a custom whip attachment. Additionally a fitter is available through our website for the larger 18mm size downstems. Please note that all Water Pipe Whips come with a small tube of non toxic silicon gel. Use of this gel prevents the glass end of the WPW from getting stuck inside the glass downstem of your water pipe and will insure a longer life for your product.

The Water Pipe Whip comes with our comprehensive Lifetime Functional Warranty. If anything should happen to the product during use, even through user error, we will replace it and ensure that you receive the highest level of customer care that we can offer.

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