A Rollerblading video by Vincent Lindgren.
These sections are shot during my travels in 2011 and 2012. Good times on the road with good friends that share the same passions.

Filmed in Stockholm, Helsingborg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Eindhoven and Tokyo by Vincent Lindgren.
Contributing filmers: Anders Bergén and John Lönngren.

Skaters (In order of apperence):
Fredrik Andersson. Shō Suzuki. Shintaro Nakayama. Peter Kallio. Nicklas Persson. Frederik Kofoed-Sørensen. Jacob Højmark-Christensen. Robert Juhas. John Lönngren. Johan Svensson. Yuto Suzuki. Tomohisa Hayakawa. Keita Kuni. Yutaro Marumoto. Gabriel Gök. Nick Lomax. Marc Moreno and Michel Prado.

HangLosers x SkateNerds


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