Who is the real Jesus? Is He mild-mannered and soft spoken
like Mr. Roger's? Is He mostly quiet and reserved like the Sunday School Jesus? Or, is He possibly none of these?

Guys, if we're honest, the Jesus we follow may look nothing like the Jesus of the Gospels. He's probably a Jesus that fits our 21st century lifestyle. Convenient when we need Him and non-intrusive in our busy lifestyle. Sort of a Jesus on-a-rope.

The Jesus of the Gospels was a revolutionary. He was radical. He healed the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead. On His days off, He calmed the sea, made fine wine, and cleared out a leper colony. Not something you've probably seen announced in the church bulletin.

He then did something even more radical. He said, "tag you're it" to His disciples. In other words, it's your turn. Jesus took ordinary men and called them to extraordinary works.

Today, this same Jesus is still calling men to do radical works. It's time we meet this Jesus. He wants to make you into a revolutionary...here...now...today.

Join us as we do the GREATER works of Jesus. Come expecting to meet the REAL Jesus!

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