A test, using the film Metropolis and the Discotrope setup for spherical projection. A scene from the film Metropolis is split into two opposing points of view and projected on either side of the Discotrope video disco ball. Since Discotrope's mirrors/solar cells use the light from the projectors to power the ball's motor, the ball starts, stops, and changes speed as the brightness of the film - and in this case use of black - changes.

I shot the two opposing walls separately and then composited them together for this video to show the simultaneous images. Because they're shot separately, you sometimes see the ball start and stop at not quite the same time on each sides. Since it's light-powered analog electronics, it's slightly different each time.

More info on Discotrope, and what the performances usually look like:

Part of my research as artist-in-residence at iotaCenter, Los Angeles (iotacenter.org)

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