While Fred Durst is off launching a career as a film director, former Limp Bizkit bandmate Wes Borland is exorcising demons as the frontman of Black Light Burns, a super group of sorts that includes Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails) and Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails). The video for "Lie" focuses on the debasement of Borland and will surely provide great fodder for any armchair psychiatrists: Two women first strip him down and cover him with black grease (I hope it's grease), escort him to a satanic rendezvous in the woods and then to a swank, yet strange party where he is placed in a throne with mixes in band performance that's chock-full of the spontaneous aggression that was always a key talking point when it came to Limp Bizkit and Nine Inch Nails.

Director: Josh Evans
Producer: Giovani Hidalgo
D.P.: Fernando Arguelles
Art Dir.: Phillip Danson
Editor: Giovani Hidalgo
Colorist: Bob Festa
Label: Your Music America

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