Sam and Michelle has a very cute story... We filmed this prewedding film with them a few months back when all of us flew from different places. The couple flew from Singapore just to film this prewedding film and us from Sydney.

Sam saw michelle the first time one time when Michelle was walking around the university housing where they were staying during their study in Brisbane.

Ever since then Sam couldn't take his mind of her and one night he was watching the OC where Ryan said to Marissa "whoever you want me to be". Appararently that line gave him the courage and the (supposedly) awesome pickup line to approach michelle.

Fast the story forward a little bit, he was always around Michelle everywhere she goes. He would do anything to please her and try to win her heart over. Some of the cute little moments are portrayed in this film which I believe will be a great reminder for them of how it all began.

Thanks so much Sam and Michelle and the friends that were involved in the production Wi lin and William you guys were awesome and we had a great time hanging out with you.

Hope everyone will enjoy this film and the pure honesty that come with it. Sam was very determined to keep everything as original as possible to their story, which we like! Good on you Sam!

song is Blue by Kim Edwards licensed through

The Paper Cranes team

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