World and US media largely categorised the Occupy activists as an unrepresentative minority of young, out-of-work, dreadlockees. This is convenient and reductionist. Anyone who was there knows the opposite – that the movement was defined by the diversity of the people and the diversity of dissent. This is far more powerful and important than the media clichés - and more worrying to the targets of the movement.

This short film is a snapshot of Occupy Wall St on one afternoon in late October 2011, set to the music of the day, with all its energy, good humour, enthusiasm ... and diversity, all converged against inequality and corporate greed in the “developed world”.

With the clearing of Zuccotti Park and other Occupy sites in the US, this film serves as a modest testimony to the disparate but genuine feelings of anger and hope which created the Occupy movement, and which will spur on others to pursue the cause.

The zeitgeist lives.

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