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ATTENTION: Due to web compression limitations, I had the best viewing experience by NOT going to full screen and viewing in the default window. But if you play in full screen, turn scaling OFF to improve your chances (the bottom button on the right when you go to full screen). See note at bottom for more explanation.

Experiments with videoing BASE in 3D.

Requires colored anaglyph (red/cyan - red/blue) glasses. Ideal viewing distance is 4-5 feet from screen. Best viewed in dark surroundings.

Not perfect as I'm still refining the technique (lot's of trial and error, logic and luck), but interesting nonetheless.

Unfortunately, web compression (even Vimeo's quality HD) takes away a lot of the impact (and increases the chance of retinal rivalry - your eyes hurting and the 3D effect diminishing), but you can still get the idea.

Until July 11, you can download a less-compressed version in the bottom right corner of this page. The 3D effect is much better in that version, and you can play it full-screen, but Vimeo will replace that original file with the converted one a week after posting. I'm looking for a place to make this version permanently available for download.

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