Gold junk pt. 2
4.58 min, colour, sound, HD Video (2011)

Gold junk pt.2 is a short video and sound piece representing 'Gold junk' (the artist's interactive, site-specific installation at Bognor Regis Pier) and explores the rhythm and poetry, sound and music of the British seaside. The artist's composition Fugue in Sea, made using recordings of the sea and the amusement arcade on the Pier is central to the work.

Gold junk Statement:
The themes of redemption and the ascription of value, core to the artist's series Brooklyn // Bognor, are further explored in Gold junk. Through Brooklyn // Bognor the artist contemplated how the avant-garde took something of little value—discarded 1980s style—and, redeeming its value, influenced contemporary style and culture.

In 2010, the artist began making Gold junk, gilding pieces of rubbish—an old banana, the sole of an old shoe—transforming them into sought-after artifacts and giving them value. Broken cuttlefish washed up on Bognor beach during a storm were given new life by the artist. In June 2010, one hundred of these unique, signed pieces were placed in slot machines throughout the amusement arcade on Bognor Pier. The arcade became a gallery, the amusement machines became display cases, the Gold junk—the objet d'art—became prizes won by holiday-makers who visited the arcade during a busy seaside weekend. This site-specific installation, Gold junk pt.1, was part of the Urban Encounters Festival 2010, a partnership with Goldsmiths and Tate Britain.

As the prizes were won and taken away, the installation Gold junk pt.1 dispersed, so the artist created Gold junk pt.2, a short video and sound piece. Gold junk pt.2 represents the rhythm and poetry of the seaside, its sound and its music. The artist's composition Fugue in Sea, made using recordings of the sea and the arcade is central to the work.

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