I've had some requests for this. Here is the first film I ever made. Well it was on VHS so not really film. I shot this with a General Electric Portable VHS and Color Camera. It had no frame capture mechanism only a 2 sec mode for recording small clips or normal recording. So I shot everything, then I had to bounce in between that recorder and a home unit to get my "motion", and at the same time record my AWESOME voices and well yes I "borrowed" some other music (the Star Wars original Soundtrack on Vinyl was as close as I had to any kind of cinematic music).

This was almost 30 years ago. Then I just stopped filming. Bad mistake. But now I'm back filming and hopefully you'll agree my quality is much better now : )

Hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Feel free to rip it to shreds, you won't hurt my feelings : >

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