HURRAH!! We WON in this year's Fly-By-Night 48hours video challenge!

So glad that we eventually won! (top 10 winners) and this year the competition is fierce as many came from professional videography background and was so humbled by the amazing works of others.

This year marks the 9th for the annual Fly-By-Night 48hours video challenge (2 - 4 November) organized by Objectif ( and presented by FilmGarde Cineplex at BUGIS+.

I had paired up with my talented friend, George Leong and it was his first time doing a short film, let alone stop-motion! Plus so grateful to our local band The Glad Stones ( for collaborating and used one of their song "One Inch Punch" as the soundtrack, it has so much life and FUN! Very apropos I might add. The video is entirely shot on iPhone5 with the native camera app and the stop motion parts are created in iMotion HD app. Then post processed and edited with Audacity for the music and Adobe Premiere Pro.

We had a blast conceptualizing and creating this kid/family-friendly video. Basically it is inspired by the theme which resonates our inner child and captures our playfulness in this short video. The creative direction came from many sources, from Benny Hill type slapstick comedy to stop-motion Lego fan videos and some others. (OK we just got to add in this year's hottest song/dance craze, "Oppa Gangnam Style" at the end as out-takes, our version of course - as a tribute.

For more behind the scene check out:

Looking forward to next year's competition, as it will be the 10th!! YEAH!!

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